The idea of renting a car while on holiday in the UAE is the best way to visit tourist attractions and avoid public transport conveniently. However, driving a car in a foreign country with different traffic rules and regulations and maintaining it can be quite challenging. Car damages are also frequently caused by other negligent drivers on the road. Such situations can be quite vexing for someone not familiar with the local laws and can dampen the mood of your vacation in Dubai. They are best avoided by following a few handy guidelines when it comes to driving and especially while parking your rental car in crowded places. 

Shop Peacefully 

Parking your car outside malls and markets might leave you feeling a bit anxious in a new city. You can utilize the free parking offered by malls or choose a paid parking option available in Dubai. There will be an arrow pointing towards where the parking meter is located. When you are parking, see that a minimum of one-meter distance is maintained between the vehicles. You also need to ensure that your car is not blocking the smooth transit of other cars or shopping trolleys at malls. 

Parking Tips 

Always park in such a way that you leave a considerable amount of space for others to reverse easily. Moreover, it would be best if you avoided parking near trees to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. Avoid parking your vehicle in a manner that impairs the view of pedestrians, garbage trucks as well as bus drivers, as this causes inconvenience to them and can lead to mishaps. If you are parking in paid zone with meters, you could pay by mobile SMS to 7275 in Dubai so that could be renewed easily with reminder coming to mobile before expiry for renewal and parking ticket can be renewed very easily otherwise RTA fine can be issued if not issued on time.  

Find Appropriate Parking Spots 

Acquaint yourself with your surroundings to avoid any mishaps concerning fences and posts. Apart from being illegal, it is also not safe to park outside villas and houses. Instead, look out for parking spots in appropriate spaces to avoid such circumstances and also ensure not to take up additional space, allowing other vehicles and pedestrians to pass through effortlessly. 

Inspect the Vehicle 

Before leaving, ensure that you use the handbrake or use a wedge to prevent your car from rolling. Make sure that you have locked all the doors properly to avoid any theft. Before setting out, check for any burning oil smell or dark puddles under your car to prevent any severe engine damage. Make sure your vehicle is parked in such a way that you can reverse it if needed, maintaining a reasonable amount of space between the other cars. 

Park Within Your Lane 

Whenever you are parking your car, see to it that you park straight between the lines. Space should be equal on both sides, so you don’t cause inconvenience to other drivers. Another added benefit of parking within the lane given is you can open your doors appropriately without causing damage to your doors and the vehicle parked next to you.