When driving in a new city or down the highway in your car rental, a flat tyre would perhaps be the least exciting part of your vacation – or so we hope. You book the car rental, pick it up, drive it and have it returned as per schedule. That said, what if you do happen to experience a flat tyre during your rental period. Now, unlike having a personal car, with a rental car, you can’t simply reach out to a family member or friend for assistance; but it also need not be a moment of panic. So, what should you do exactly if you do happen to be a victim of this unpleasant situation? Continue reading as we bring you a few tips to make the overall process less panicky and more relaxed. 

Tyre Puncture While Driving 

Now, if you are lucky, you might walk out of a hotel or restaurant only to find that you have a flat tyre. This, however, is a sporadic case. More often than not, drivers tend to experience this while driving and is a prevalent issue in Dubai, especially during the summers. In such a case, it is wise to slowly take your leg off the gas right when you hear the sound of the tyre pop. Avoid applying brakes as it may cause you to lose control over your vehicle, further putting others’ lives in danger as well. Slowly pull over to the side and immediately switch your indicator on to warn other drivers. 

What Should I Check? 

Once you’ve safely pulled over to the side, step out and inspect the tires thoroughly. This will help you determine whether or not the vehicle is safe to drive in, even to the nearest destination. Apart from this, you should also check if a spare tyre is available with tool kit jack and spanner, even though it is very rare not to be found in rental cars. Finding one will certainly make the whole process a lot easier and faster to solve. Lastly, look for any signs of damage or puncture, so you can accordingly inform the car rental. 

What Happens Next? Who Do I Call?

Once you’ve inspected the vehicle, your first call should go to the car rental company. For instance, since we offer emergency roadside assistance, we will have someone from the team sent in immediately for further help but should be used as last resort as it includes additional fee which is well worth the investment since you are driving on an unfamiliar road. That being said, whether you are a tourist or resident in UAE, it is best to opt for a car rental company such as ours that offers emergency roadside assistance. It saves you additional expenses that would otherwise be spent in such situations.