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Cost efficient  No INSURANCE and REGISTRATION costs. 

Discounted Monthly rates are as compared to DAILY rentals.  

XDRIVE Car Rental prices include basic and comprehensive insurance without driver fault. Only 5 per cent VAT is additional. In case of accident and drivers fault, INSURANCE EXCESS is payable which is normally AED 1,000/- or above depending on car types. However, a refundable security deposit is also required for AED 1,000 depending upon the car type. Getting the best car rental deal is easy: visit or call or message or email, search and filter based on your budget and requirements. After comparing and short listing your options, simply whatsapp or email XDRIVE for booking submitting your documents. You can also request doorstep delivery of the rental car at your preferred time. 

Whether you want an economy or luxury car rental, XDRIVE is your trusted and reliable mobility partner in Dubai, UAE. Alternatively, you can even book a chauffeured luxury car on hourly basis, an airport transfer, point-to-point transfer and for full day basis 

All types of cars are available for hire in Dubai ranging from Luxury (minimum required as per RTA law), MPV, SUVS and coaches for group transportationXDRIVE offer the most competitive rates all round the year with promotions in summer and off season 

Hire at the best market rates on daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. Based on your preference and budget, select your desired hatchback, sedan, luxury , SUV, van, bus or luxury coaches 

To make the most of your money, select a fuel-efficient car that comes with unlimited mileage from a range of car features: cruise control, leather seat covers, reverse camera and so on. From luxury sedans by BMW, Mercedes and SUVs by Chevrolet, you’ll find it all on  

Benefits of Car Rental  

The best thing about renting a car is simplicity and convenience. All you need a 

  • Valid driving license (if on visit visa – International license valid for 1 year / UAE license or for residence visa with UAE license which should at least 1 year old)  
  • Valid ID (passport / ID / GCC ID) to be eligible to rent any car.  
  • Driver’s age limit is 25 years minimum and above in the UAE to rent a car.  
  • Security deposit is required in order to rent a car: AED 1,000 or equivalent in your currency (if acceptable). It must be ideally provided by your credit card. However, we do accept cash as an alternate.

However, if you plan to buy the same car, your cost would easily be above AED 2,500 per month taking into consideration the down payment, registration, insurance and other running costs. You can be sure of lower monthly payments on a leased car. If you plan to buy a car on loan, it entails a long-term commitment that you must be sure to fulfil. Sure there are sales schemes featuring zero upfront but the marked up prices, high interest rates and hidden charges are always there. A car lease plan, on the other hand, can be started with little or no down payment. It may even just be a refundable deposit or upfront payment for the last 3 months of your long lease term.  

Benefits of choosing a monthly car rental  

  • Cost efficient  No Insurance and Registration costs.  
  • Cheaper and faster than using public transport for travelling across the emirates. 
  • No Hassle of Repair and Maintenance.  
  • Discounted Monthly rates are as compared to Daily rentals. 
  • Option to Upgrade or Downgrade every month. 
  • Offering competitive rates and package deals.
  • Easy of Signing contract as per your need and convenience without any commitment except on monthly and long term car rental basis.   


Guide to choosing to rent a car in Dubai


What kind of Driving License do you need to rent a car in Dubai?

If you live in the UAE on a Residential Visa / Work Permit, you need a valid UAE Driving License. To get a UAE Driving License, you need driving lessons and pass the driving test from an RTA-approved Driving Institute in UAE: Galadari | Belhasa | Emirates Driving Institute

If you are visiting the UAE as a tourist and want a rental car to get around, you need to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) a.k.a. International Driving License and your original Driving License, both from your home country.

What Documents i need to Rent a Car in UAE?

If you are a UAE resident, you are required to submit:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Residential Visa
  • Valid UAE Driving License
  • Copy of Emirates ID

If you are a Tourist visiting the UAE, you need to submit :

  • Passport
  • Visit Visa
  • Home Country Driving License
  • International Driving Permit

Passport holders of GCC, US, UK, Canada and certain other countries can drive on their home country license in the UAE

Who Can Rent From Xdrive Car Rent A Car What is The Minimum Period OF Rental?

Minimum age of hire 25 Yrs and 1 year old license for car renting.

Can anyone else drive my hired car other than me?

No, only the registered driver whose driving license and details have been submitted can drive a leased car. If the car rented by you meets with an accident and the person in the driving seat is not you, the Police might consider you at fault even though it isn’t your fault besides incurring other fines.

An additional driver can be registered on the same hired car by submitting the required documents: copy of valid UAE driving license and visa alongwith AED 200 or so as registration fee.

What if I meet with a minor accident?

Some car rental companies are known to charge extremely high charges including repair costs + days the car is kept in the garage for repairs + admin fees (up to AED 1000) even for minor dents. Be sure to understand the terms if you’re planning for a long-term lease from the car lease company staff.

Concealing that small dent might seem like a good idea but if you’re caught, the result might be even more expensive.

Always keep your eyes open and note the existing dents, scratches and so on when the car rental staff checks the car before handing you the keys. Take pictures on your smartphone if necessary.

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